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V8 Grill - Open Late

MON–THU 6p–1:30am
FRI 4p-2:30a
SAT 1p-2:30a
SUN 3p-1:30a

V8 Happy Hour: Open-7pm
V8 Daily Specials 8p-2a

V8 Grill Menu:
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The Garage - Signature Cocktails & Martinis

Our Drink Menus:
Signature Cocktails:      JPG
Martinis:      JPG

Enjoy ANY drink 2-for-1
everyday from 11AM-7PM.

8PM-4AM Daily Deals

  • SUN: $4 1800 Silver Shots
  • MON: $4.50 Absolut Cocktails & Shots
  • TUE: $3.50 Fireball Shots
  • WED: $5.50 Jack Daniel's
  • THU: $3 Off Top Shelf Liquor
  • FRI: $3.50 Cherry/Jäger Bombs
  • SAT: $4 Long Island Iced Teas

    • $1 OFF well drinks
    • $7/$11 Beer Bust

    Every Saturday 8PM-11PM

    Red Zone Football Sundays
    $1.25 Hot Dogs and Half Tray Cheese Nachos 2PM-7PM • 2-FOR-1 Drinks Until 7PM • $7/$11 Beer Bust 5PM-9PM

    Mancave Mondays
    Free Buffet Appetizers served by V8 Kitchen Staff   5PM-8PM • $7/$11 Beer Bust 9PM-Midnight • Collect Tickets for Weekly Giveaways and Grand Prizes End of December • Whiskey Specials

    Beer Bust
    $7 domestic/$11 import beer bust every Monday & Wednesday 9PM-Midnight, Sunday from 5PM-9PM

    Saturday Beer Bust
    $7 domestic/$11 beer bust & every Saturday 8PM-11PM

    Late Night Beer Bust
    $7 domestic/$11 Late Sunday night (early Monday morning)/late Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning) 1AM-4AM.

    Liquor Bust
    Every Tuesday and Sunday $12 well/$22 premium cocktails from 9PM-Midnight

    Music Videos
    Come watch and request the hottest music videos every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday night from 9PM-Midnight. Select from 1000's of music videos.

    Hit one of the following hands & win an interactive bonus game
  • Random Happy Hour drawings hourly 11AM-7PM. Race the dogs for free points
  • Card of the Week. Hit a 4-of-a-kind with the card of the week and spin the wheel
  • Keno/Slot: win $100-$199 and burst the balloons or win $200+ and spin the big wheel.
  • *Must be logged into Gamblers Bonus with a minimum bet of $1.25

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